A calm moment.

A calm moment.


Chasing ghosts…

The tyranny of ‘p’ is all about chasing ghosts. I can find any answer I want in the published literature. Want a result? Somebody somewhere has published it. Both ways. In cell culture.

I’ve chased a lot of ghosts. Sometimes to a meaningful end, sometimes not. I’m chasing a ghost right now. It’s either elusive and fascinating or an artifactual dead end. By the time I know, it will be too late to move forwards with an alternative. Maybe it’s the time-traveling ghost of my scientific career. Something to do with Libyans and hologrammatic Reagan and 1.21 gigawatts.

But, damn, it’s a tantalizing ghost. I spent half the day in lab running experiments and half the day diagramming spectral pathways and designing experiments to test assorted ghost-models. The fireworks sound like thunder or the thunder sounds like fireworks. The night rumbles on and on. The more confusing my results get, the more convinced i am that I’m looking at a real, important phenomenon…