Still chasing ghosts…

Still chasing ghosts…

The same damn ones actually. I’ve started to capture them now, like fireflies in mason jars. Other people can see them too.

Collaborators are becoming involved, which is the most terrifying and exciting thing that’s happened in my recent scientific life. Not because I’m afraid my hypothesis might be wrong (I have a bodycount of dead hypotheses that I’m almost proud enough of to send to taxidermists) but because in a bizarre twist, I’ve started doing potentially translational research.

This didn’t happen by accident. I spent a long time enrolled in clinical trials. I know how the drug development pathway works and how long it takes, how harsh the attrition is between lab and patient. I chose to divert for a moment down this unfamiliar path. The only thing I want more than to be right is not to be wrong.

The data will be what the data will be. Even if the clinical direction collapses, there’s still a basic science angle, the angle I started with all along. Meanwhile, I wait to hear back from others. It’s out of my hands, almost but not quite tangible.

Pictured, an inverted gel pic, because inverting everything is spooky, right?