A calm moment.

A calm moment.


Noob blog fail

I seem to have wayfaring unclosed tags and other bloggish unruliness that are screwing up my formats. I’m inclined to nuke everything and start fresh. As it always has been. Not because I really care about the formatting so much as I want an excuse to nuke it from orbit and start clean.

Chasing ghosts…

The tyranny of ‘p’ is all about chasing ghosts. I can find any answer I want in the published literature. Want a result? Somebody somewhere has published it. Both ways. In cell culture.

I’ve chased a lot of ghosts. Sometimes to a meaningful end, sometimes not. I’m chasing a ghost right now. It’s either elusive and fascinating or an artifactual dead end. By the time I know, it will be too late to move forwards with an alternative. Maybe it’s the time-traveling ghost of my scientific career. Something to do with Libyans and hologrammatic Reagan and 1.21 gigawatts.

But, damn, it’s a tantalizing ghost. I spent half the day in lab running experiments and half the day diagramming spectral pathways and designing experiments to test assorted ghost-models. The fireworks sound like thunder or the thunder sounds like fireworks. The night rumbles on and on. The more confusing my results get, the more convinced i am that I’m looking at a real, important phenomenon…